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Closing Protection

If you are either selling your home or buying another and the completion of the sale is delayed after the closing date or fails to take place, you will inevitably incur unforeseen costs.

If this is a result of events beyond your control, Home Closing Protection will pay up to $25,000 for up to 180 days for your irrecoverable expenses.

What are some examples of why a sale would not occur or be delayed?

There are many reasons but here are several common ones:

  • The owner of a property passes away and the property goes into “The Estate Of”
  • A fire (or another type of loss) occurs and the property is unfit for habitation
  • Divorce or Separation occurs and the sale is blocked
  • A person buying or selling loses their job which causes financing to collapse
  • A buyer or seller withdraws at the last minute

What kind of Extra Expenses would I encounter if a sale failed to take place or is delayed?

If you are selling your property:

  • Ongoing property taxes, hydro, gas & other utilities, insurance, water and waste expenses

  • Extra legal expenses and fees

  • Bridge financing costs and mortgage interest costs

If you are buying a property:

  • Extra moving costs and storage fees

  • Hotel and transportation costs

  • Additional legal fee

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