Repairs to Consider Before Selling Your Home

Take an objective look at your house to determine what updates and repairs are necessary. Based on your timeline and budget you will be able to determine what needs to be completed to improve the overall presentation of your home.

Here are some common repairs to consider before listing your home for sale.

Fogged windows - This is a result of moisture buildup in between panes where the seal has failed. Foggy windows look dirty, buyers will turn their attention to energy conservation and the cost of replacing them. One of the best investments you can make in a home is to replace or repair the faulty windows.

Leaking faucets/showers/jet tubs - Check faucets, and shower fixtures for leaks to ensure no plumbing issues surprise you during a home inspection. 

Rotting wood on exterior trim - Splitting or rotting boards on the exterior of your home can make it look shabby. Replace caulking, and paint them to refresh your home’s appearance.

Curled up or missing roof shingles - Buyers tend to shy away from roofs that need repairing. Not only that it makes the house appear unkept but there is always the possibility of water damage. Even if they agree to buy your home, the last thing you want is a water leak just before the closing.

Loose hand rails - Bypassing this safety issue may result in a lost offer. Fixing wobbly rails ensures safety and satisfies a sharp-eyed buyer.

HVAC units - HVAC units are expensive to replace and Buyers want to make sure that they don't end up stuck in the cold. Have the unit cleaned and serviced by a certified technician. 

Light bulbs - To avoid the impression that there may be a major electrical issue with your home, simply change your burned-out light bulbs.

Dirty spaces – Even if repairing or replacing is too costly, make sure you clean walls, floors, carpets, bathtubs, showers, kitchens, and driveways to make your home look clean and ready to sell. Dirty house is a huge turn off.