Homebuyers >>>

Buying a home is no small matter. Besides being the largest financial transaction you may ever undertake, it’s probably also the most complex. And if you're like most home buyers, you have two primary considerations in mind when you start looking for a home. First, you want to find a home that perfectly meets your needs and desires. And second, you want to purchase this home for the lowest possible price.

When you're looking to buy a home, the first thing most home buyers do is start the process of house-hunting. However, experience proves that this is one of the last steps you should be taking if you want to get the most home for the least amount of money. In fact, shopping for the best financing should start long before you start shopping for a home.

Also, far too often people buy a home for the wrong reasons, and then regret their decision when the home doesn't meet their needs. My systemized approach to the home buying process can help you steer clear of these common traps, allowing you to not only cut costs, but also secure the home that's best for you.

Do you have the answers?

  • Do you have the time to view all homes that may interest you?
  • Do you have the negotiation skills to keep a deal on track?
  • Do you know what the fair market value is?

The biggest dilemma when considering purchasing another home is deciding whether to buy first or sell first. Either way is risky because you could end up owning two homes or no home at all.

Finding an agent that’s right for you >>>

In today’s marketplace, hiring an agent to represent you is an essential step towards achieving your real estate goals. The right professional will promote your best interests and can save you time and money during the process. Remember, if you choose NOT to be represented, agents will provide a fair and honest service but nothing more.

I am with you every step of the way >>>

My clients know exactly what I will be doing on their behalf when they hire me:

"From the minute we met Rad he immediately went to work selling our home. He took all our concerns and suggestions and incorporated them with his own unique and extremely efficient sales techniques to get our home sold quickly and successfully. His honest and hardworking approach was refreshing and effective."


  1. Initial consultation to determine your specific needs 
  2. Comprehensive plan of action
  3. Detailed description of every property to be viewed
  4. Disclosure of all known facts about the property you want to buy
  5. Help with identifying issues before they become problems
  6. Complete confidentiality – unless you give me permission to disclose something
  7. Flexible appointment times to accommodate your busy schedule
  8. Complete market analysis
  9. Written service guarantee
  10. Negotiation in your best interest
  11. Assistance with resolving issues that may hinder the purchase
  12. Complimentary Home Warranty

In short, my goal is to assure your complete satisfaction in what is likely to be one of the largest financial transactions in your life. If at any time you have questions or concerns, please give me a call and I will be happy to address them. I look forward to helping you fulfill your dream.

To request a free consultation call 519-778-0737 or email rad@radkostka.com