Basement Egress Window
Many homes in our area have finished basements. Typically this area of the home is being used as a playground for kids and adults alike. In some cases a part of the basement is separated to create additional bedroom for family or guests.
Ontario Building Code
 requires that every basement with sleeping quarters has two points of egress. If a window needs to be used as the secondary escape route the minimum requirements are:
  • An egress window cannot be less than 46 cm. (18″) in any direction.
  • The window opening has to be at least 3871 sq. cm. (600 sq. inches)
  • If there is a window well for the basement window, it must extend 92 cm. (3 feet) out from the house wall. (note: this is the minimum room needed for a firefighter wearing full equipment to get in and save you)

The National Building Code states that:
  • The egress window has to be less than 92 cm. (3 feet) from the floor.
  • The egress window well should have steps, ladder or climbing hooks to get out of the well.

Some municipalities set their own requirements for egress windows,you should contact local building department to make sure your property complies with local bylaws.