Commission Explained

For most sellers commission is the most important issue. It's based on the consumer's assumption that "all Realtors® provide the same service but for different fees".

The truth is that each Realtor® develops their own marketing and service plan, or at least they should.  Knowing this, the first question should be: "What services are you offering?”

The common perception is that the listing Realtor® collects all the commission for himself or herself.  Nothing is further from the truth:  MLS® (Multiple Listing Service) has been built based on the idea that every real estate brokerage should cooperate in selling a property and of course they should be paid for this cooperation.  The seller recognizes that instead of hiring one Realtor® (exclusive listing), s/he can have every brokerage and every Realtor® looking for buyers.  Since cooperating Realtors® are working for the benefit of the seller, they are entitled to a portion of the commission paid by the seller.  In other words: the seller pays the Listing Brokerage, who then pays the Cooperating Brokerage. Both brokerages pay buying and selling Realtors®. 

By the time a Brokerage has been paid, the money has been split 4 ways and it is not the end of it.  Brokerages are corporations providing support and training to individuals but most Realtors® are self-employed and they have to pay taxes and all other expenses related to their business activities and of course put bread on the table. 

Please note that no commission gets paid to either party, until the property closes successfully and it is not uncommon that a property does not sell.  Not many business models exist where all the work has to be completed before any money changes hands.

Once you have listed your home for sale with me, the following strategies are incorporated into your Personalized Marketing and Closing Programs.

  1. Thorough Market Analysis and Home Evaluation
  2. Neighbourhood Report
  3. Free Copy of Survey  Applies only to existing documents in archives and it may be substituted by a Reference Plan or a Plot Plan
  4. MPAC Assessment Report
  5. Title Search verify the title and prevent unpleasant surprises
  6. Pre-selling Home Inspection and Report – discover any potential deal breakers and deal with issues before they become problems
  7. Staging Consultation and Report outlining any changes or modifications that would benefit the sale of your home
  8. Professional photos and Virtual Tour 
  9. Feature sheets 
  10. Public Open Houses
  11. Office Tour of Homes
  12. Highly visible For Sale sign will be placed on your lawn
  13. The lock box will be placed on your door
  14. Google Pay-per-click advertising campaigns
  15. Your home will be listed on multiple websites
  16. Your listing will be accessible on mobile devices
  17. Your listing will be emailed to prospective buyers
  18. Our entire team of sales representatives will be introduced to your listing
  19. All agents who show your home will be contacted for their feedback
  20. All inquiries about your home will be promptly  answered
  21. All buyers are pre-qualified and assisted during showings
  22. Showings will be scheduled with the least inconvenience to you
  23. I will:
    1. Contact you with feedback as soon as possible
    2. Present, and review all offers with you
    3. Negotiate the sale contract in your best interest
    4. Oversee fulfillment of conditions
    5. Submit documents to lawyers
    6. Submit documents to lenders
    7. Guarantee the sale of your home at the price acceptable to you

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