How do buyers search for homes?

  • They look themselves
  • They have their friends look for them
  • They employ the services of a real estate agent
Where do buyers themselves look?
According to recent surveys by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in the United States and the Canadian Real estate Association (CREA) they look in these places:
  • The Internet
  • At real estate offices
  • Newspapers
  • Signs, open houses
  • Word of mouth           
Exposure to neighbours and friends
When buyers have a choice they generally will choose to live close to where they were brought up, i.e. close to their friends and relatives. These are the first group they will discuss their plans with and they help the buyers by giving them leverage. They have a number of eyes on the look-out for the right home. This makes a sign on your home critical to the home selling process. 

Where do they eventually find the home they end up purchasing?
  • 88% of buyers find a home with the help of a real estate agent.
  • 90% of buyers search online as part of the home buying process. (Such as viewing a property’s profile on the agent’s website.)
  • 69% of buyers searching for a home using Google, use a specific local term, such as “Whitby-south homes for sale”.
  • 29-46% of buyers attend an Open House as part of their home hunting activities. 
What does all this mean to you? 
It means that if you’re preparing your home for sale, you need to ensure your marketing plan takes into account all the ways buyers are finding properties — so you can be sure that they will find yours.

Exposure to REALTORS®

According to the last NAR Survey of Home Buyers and Sellers, 95% of homes sold on the open market are sold by REALTORS®.
Buyers prefer to work with agents for numerous reasons including:
  •  The cost of homes today make employing the help of a professional a virtual necessity.
  •  Buyers from out of town need local market expertise and pricing assistance.
  •  Buyers from outside of Canada need help with laws and customs.
  •  First time buyers need assistance with contracts, pricing and process.
Remember 88% of homes sold were brought to the attention of the buyer by a REALTOR®.

How do we expose your home to REALTORS® and their buyers?

We list your home on the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS) where REALTORS® are constantly searching (automatically in most cases through property match tools) for homes that meet their buyer’s requirements. This system also directs properties to the buyers themselves so it is a very important part of our overall marketing effort.

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